OtherPeoplesPixels is designed especially for artists by artists. Getting your OPP portfolio website is easy, stress-free, and our clean & simple designs let your artwork take the foreground.

Originally created in 2005 for our artist friends, we're humbled to say that OPP is now widely considered the most loved & respected website service for serious artists — and from The OPP Fund, to The Maker Grant, to promoting artists on the OPPblog and Facebook page, we're into showing that love to the arts community in return!

OPP is also the only artist website service which includes web-hosting and a personal domain name & email address. This saves you a lot of cash — but more importantly lets you leave all the complicated set-up and management to us. Other sites seem affordable...until you add in those bazillion little technical hassles!

Get your free trial right now, plug in your images and your portfolio can be online today! Seriously. No coding, nothing to download or install, and did we mention the unlimited updates you're going to love because our sites are so fun to customize? OPP is going to help you create a professional portfolio website you can be proud of.

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“I love my new website. You have changed my life...no longer do I have to depend on others for assistance in updates, design, etc...you all have managed to make it easy even for a technophobe like me! I have already had lots of good feedback from friends and artists. Thanks.”
Marjorie Moore — Artist