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Who is OPP?

We are a tsunami of computer science, wrapped in a tornado of fine art, surrounded by a hurricane of graphic design, amidst a cyclone of attentive customer service. Yup.

What's OPP's story?

OPP began when our grad school friends asked for help building their portfolio websites. After the 10th person, we realized that this was something that a lot of artists really needed. It seemed like everyone wanted a portfolio website but no one had the time to make one or the ca$h to pay a fancy designer. We knew it had to be easy, flexible, cheap, and gorgeous...and so OtherPeoplesPixels was born!

Years later, OPP has customers around the world, and we are thrilled to be able to help so many artists share their artwork through the Internet. We've always taken pride in supporting artists with the same dedication and care that is all too often limited to "business" or "enterprise" customers. Bah! We think what artists are doing is just as important and that they deserve the same share of respect and support.

So, let me in on OPP's ideology.

OtherPeoplesPixels runs as a triple-bottom-line company (people, planet, profit). This means that social and environmental justice, and generally making the world a better place, are right up there for us with paying the bills.

We started OPP to help the art community get online, and truly believe that the more art and creativity there is in the world, the better it will be. Accordingly, it's important to us to be sure that our hard work is helping the planet and the people on it...so even if it means losing "profit," we don't allow our sites to be used to promote anything that goes against these important values.

Because we want to operate in as sustainable and environmentally friendly a manner as possible, we went way over the top building an insanely efficient server system, we have our employees tele-commute, we create a virtual, waste-free product, and we run a paperless home-based office where we buy wind-generated electricity and furnish with thrift store goodies. Did we mention our awesome worm composter?

The OtherPeoplesPixels Fund:

For all the reasons above, in 2010, we created The OtherPeoplesPixels Fund to pay it forward. The Fund gives grants to non-profit organizations involved in art, environmental, and social justice issues. We donate a significant portion of OPP's profits to The OtherPeoplesPixels Fund, and it's become one of the most fulfilling parts of running OPP.

If you'd like to recommend an arts organization or a not-for-profit for an OtherPeoplesPixels Fund grant, please email us your suggestion.
So far, we have given grants to the following organizations:

What else is OPP doing to support the art community?

The OPP Team is excitedly working on some new initiatives that could include individual artist's grants, local arts initiatives, public art sponsorship — and especially the creation of an art space in Chicago that will focus on socially and environmentally-engaged art. We can't wait to tell you all about it!